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What is recyclable?

What is e-waste?


E-waste is electronic waste that has reached the end of its useable life. This includes: computers, laptops, DVD players, televisions, old office equipment, broken household appliances, and much more. Many of the components of these items are reusable and some are hazardous. Recycling e-waste ensures that everything that can be reused is, and everything that is hazardous is disposed of correctly. Check our What We Take page for a list of the e-waste we accept for recycling.


What are the benefits of recycling?


Recycling conserves resources, prevents emissions and water pollution, saves energy, supplies raw materials for industry, creates jobs, and reduces the need for new landfills. Plus, when you use our services, recycling helps expand opportunities for people with disabilities.


We are committed to helping our community by providing a quick and convenient way to dispose of unwanted recyclable materials including electronic waste. We believe that by working together, businesses and communities can change the way we live. When you choose Desert Arc Recycling, you are choosing more than just a non-profit recycler, you are choosing a better way of life. Contact us today to see how your company can partner with us in building a more sustainable future.

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